AI-Powered Git Automation for the Command Line

Zero-effort detailed commits, changelogs, and more!

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example of commit message generated by coco


generate informative commit messages with ease.


generate detailed changelogs from your current branch or from a range of commits.

example of changelog generated by coco


Use the init command to both install and configure coco for your use case.

npx git-coco@latest init



commit staged work

generate commit message for staged files with a single command.


interactive v.s. stdout mode

interactively commit staged work or output commit to stdout.


commit all the files!

support any number of staged changes through recursive summarization.



better future interop with additional LLMs through langchain.


changelog generation

generate changelogs from current branch, or provided range of commits.


coco init

interactive setup for coco for a project or globally on a system.



use your own local LLM with Ollama! more faster, much private.



provide clearer separation of concerns through multi-agent approach.


conventional commits

generate commit messages that follow the rules of conventional commits.


commitlint & commitizen

lint generated content via pre-existing tools.


and much more!

we're always thinking of new ways coco can improve your git workflow.

feel free to suggest a roadmap item on github, we love feedback!

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